Jun 232010

Time out. I have some stuff to write about, like neighborly happenings and Kennywood,  but right now I’m too busy listening to the new Pierce the Veil album non-stop (and even when it’s not on, it’s on in my head) to think properly. I have waited so fucking long for this. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the dark carnival in my head.

“Fast Times at Claremont High” is my favorite track on the CD (so far, at least). When Vic sings, “I only wanted one dance with you,” I honestly feel like my heart is trying to escape through my mouth. I needed this album right now, so badly. It’s a shame most people can’t get past his voice in order to hear the brilliantly heart-wrenching lyrics he writes. There’s really nothing else that compares to it in the scene today.

Sunday was a shitty day. Nothing major happened, like death or amputation or Miley Cyrus subjection, but it was just one of those hassle-filled days where nothing goes right and you feel lonely and miserable and wonder all day long why you even bothered getting out of bed.

But then that night, after Chooch went to sleep and Blake went out with friends, Henry and I sat on the couch and listened to the Selfish Machines together in its entirety and it was kind of fucking perfect.

  3 Responses to “July 7 = Warped Tour = Pierce the Veil”

  1. I don’t think I heard this before…but I had to have heard the band before, I’m liking it!! nothing like hard chick rock to get me going in the morning, and get the secretaries in my office looking at me funny…:D

    • They’re honestly one of my favorite bands. The singer is this little Mexican dude but he can really scream when he wants to. The only bad thing is that it’s totally scene kid music so I’m usually the oldest person at their shows. Oh well, lol!

  2. I bought the album today and I’m really kinda lovin it. I can’t wait to see them at Warped!

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