Mar 172008

Word on the street is that the company provided all the employees with an array of St. Patrick’s Day cookies this morning. Night crew got gypped, as usual; however, there’s a picked-over tray on the kitchen with a sampling of greasy cheese slices, a clump of congealed jizz (maybe dip?) and three chunks of scary green cake stuff.

Instead, I ate some stale sugar free Girl Scout chocolate chip cookies that have been in my desk for three weeks.

There’s an opening for the evening shift and I’m frightened because whoever they hire will likely be sitting next to me since Collin got a different position here. Whoever it is, I hope they don’t stink of sewage and I hope they stock their desk with a large variety of delicious candies for me to savor at my leisure.

I currently am mostly blind so typing is turning out to be quite an Olympic feat for me. I feel sorry for the recipients of my emails tonight and for the corners I’ve been clipping with my shoulder as I stumble around the building. Lots of groping foreseen for tonight. More on that later.

I used to be obsessed with Bavarian stuff. I’m going to make that happen again.Hopefully whoever they hire will be Bavarian and maybe I can talk them into modeling their lederhosen for me.

  17 Responses to “Squinting”

  1. I didn’t see one damned cookie today.

    • Off topic, I was looking for Excedrin/Tylenol/Advil and all I found was four loaves of bread in that cabinet back in your area. Now I know where to go if I ever find myself in need of soaking up excess stomach acid!

    • I had no idea there is bread back there. Where’s that at? I don’t pay attention to my area past Bill, now that Dave is moved.

  2. sup ray?

  3. Duuuuuuuuuude my dad was Bavarian. I didn’t have lederhosen (though when I was little I desperately wanted them) but I do have a dirndl somewhere.

    And also, the day people should’ve saved you all some cookies, dammit.

  4. “I used to be obsessed with Bavarian stuff. I’m going to make that happen again.”

    Why is this making me laugh so much?

    I used to have students who reeked of sewage! It was horrible! I hope your new person does not reek of sewage.

  5. My maternal ancestors are Bavarian.

    You should come visit me some time and I’ll take you to Frankenmuth, MI.

  6. Congrats, Collin!

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