Apr 272010

More cards from the Chooch collection! We’ve sold a few over on Etsy and he just thinks he’s the shit now. And I split the proceeds with him.

So now he’s able to buy his own food.

zombielovefront copy

Inside is blank, in case you want to write a haiku about your lovah’s frontal lobe.

zombielovefront2 copy


zombieloveinside2 copy

Inside. Prepositional rules don’t apply when you’re professing love.

And if your love-person has a penis?

zombielovefront2man copy

Inside is the same as the girlie one.

They can be boughteded here: Non Compos Cards. Help Chooch survive!

  3 Responses to “Chooch, My Etsy Workhorse”

  1. DIES. These are so hilarious and cute!

  2. As long as he’s not buying butcher knives and slipping them into your bed while you’re sleeping ala Ted Bundy.
    I’m totally getting Paul one of these for our anniversary!

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