Mar 232008

2008 03 23 Easter 113
I dye the ugliest eggs. I was so excited at first but then quickly tired of it. Chooch was a big help. He only succeeded in cracking the eggs every time I let him drop one in a cup. Mainly because I would forget that I already had an egg in it. Before long, Chooch abandoned me for Blue’s Clues. I sulked for awhile, then took it out on the eggs. Easter blows.

  5 Responses to “Where’s MY basket, Easter bunny? You fuck.”

  1. i like your egg…

    was blue at least dressed up like a bunny?

  2. I approve of this egg, yes I do. Sexy sexy Jesus day, so sexy.

  3. OMG I almost wet my pants when I saw this post. That one egg is shit brown lol! HAHAHAHAHA! My son would abandon us and watch Barney Christmas. Picture us dyeing easter eggs and he is watching a Christmas show!

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