Mar 272008

[I accidentally posted this the other day, and then again, and then this morning too, before checking to see if the video worked, so I apologize to my subscribers who got email notification for an entry that didn’t exist. I hope you called me names. I’m clearly choking on technical difficulties over here. BLOGGING IS CONFUSING, YA’LL. Even when you’ve been doing it since 2001.


There’s this girl who ambles around Brookline, typically decked out in track pants and a pullover. She’s never spotted without her headphones on and, if she’s been fed recently, you might be lucky enough to witness her busting out in spontaneous cheerleading moves.

A few years ago, I used my stealth and uncanny talent of hiding behind fences to document her in action.

I don’t see her as often anymore.

Perhaps her joints are not as well-greased as they once were, but last Friday, in a moment of sheer kismet, she walked right past my car as I sat in the parking lot of CVS. She’s upgraded to real, honest-to-goodness pompoms. I couldn’t be happier.

One of the reasons keeping me here in this dumpy town is the hope that she’ll continue to give me glimpses into her world of recreational (but serious!) cheerleading.

I kind of wish I had interviewed her for my Creative Non-Fiction profile assignment, instead of the Mormon missionary.

Oh well.

  8 Responses to “The Girl”

  1. Shit. That video is funny. Is that “Ya Mo Be There”?!?!

  2. i love how at the end of the video you run away giggling.
    things that are apparent just by the camera work. :)

    can’t wait for xiu xiu!

  3. That was just like watching The Blair Witch Project.

  4. Amazing. Who created this wonder? And don’t say god.

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