Aug 272020

Not gonna lie, Tuesday was boring to the max. I finished reading The Vanishing Half and it was superb. I think perhaps that was the highlight.

I’ve recently been obsessed with walking to nearby Little Free Libraries and found one that was a walkable distance away in Dormont, so we did that at some point.

I mean, talk about reaching for the stars, you know?

It took less than 30 minutes to get there and I didn’t see anything I wanted, but definitely LOL’d at the Leslie Sansone book!

There was one positive aspect of this walking adventure, though: inside the Little Library was a book by the person who wrote the Percy Jackson series which made Chooch remember that he never finished it because he couldn’t get book 3 from Libby (this was right when quarantine started and the libraries had shut down). I looked it up on the library’s website and it said it was available at our local branch PLUS I had two books waiting to be picked up, so later that afternoon, we walked to the real library, which as you know is like my favorite thing to do these days!

We had to go inside though because even though we requested the Percy Jackson book earlier that day, they didn’t include it with my books that were already on hold so Chooch had to ASK THE LIBRARIAN who actually was very nice considering that all the librarians are actual witches to Chooch, according to him. We had to wait for a whole ass minute while she went downstairs to get it from the shelf, and this was apparently unacceptable to the old man behind us so he left and we were like, “Wow, bro. Learn some patience.”

After we left the library, we went next door to the bakery and bought some cookies. While we were in there choosing what we wanted, the old man from the library came in and had to stand in line behind us again, HAHAHAHA. This time he actually waited though.

Hey. I warned you that Tuesday was boring.

Oh shit, as I’m writing this, I realized that I said that the JZZ BAR cat toy came (yeah it did) on Monday, but I think it was actually Tuesday. Look, my days are so fucking jam-packed with action and fun that I can’t keep track.

Um, what else. We came home from the bakery and I convinced Chooch to start watching The Haunting of Hill House because he didn’t watch it with me last year when it came out and I really think he would like it but he’s at that age where he doesn’t take recommendations from PARENTS so I had to resort to reverse psychology (“yeah never mind. it’s probably too scary for you. it’s inappropriate. you wouldn’t understand it”). It started storming while we were watching it so it made it even better! Well, for me anyway. He tried to front like it was “just ok” and he didn’t get scared at all and he doesn’t know if he will continue watching the series, etc etc. Whatever.

Then Henry came home and I was like WORK ON THE COFFEE TABLE.

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HELLO, THE COFFEE TABLE. So that happened. He painted more parts of it. I dunno. Everything gets done at the slowest pace imaginable around here and everything about Tuesday was so fucking boring that I’m actually falling asleep while writing this.

Don’t worry, Wednesday and today (well, just this evening) were much more exciting so STAY TUNED.

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Or don’t. Hopefully you have better things to read on the Internet! I’m about to unsub from my own damn blog after this one.

But if you still read this…thanxx!

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