Jun 042010

Typical Friday night. Sitting on the couch, reading excerpts from an old journal to Henry. Really awesome tidbits about how suicidal I was (I ended one entry with: “Don’t be surprised when I check myself out someday” and another was about how I kept imagining jamming a shard of glass in my neck. LOLWTF.) & how bad I hated Henry. Things I can’t put in here or else my intricately woven façade will be tattered!

“What month is this from?” Henry asked in horror after listening to me read a particularly sordid entry filled with hate, mania and Girl, Interrupted nuances.

“July of 2005,” I answered, wiping away tears that sprung from laughing so hard.

“Um, and we conceived a child a month later?” he exclaimed. “I wish you would have read this to me first.”

Yes Chooch, you were conceived from strong uncertainty, hate sex, and my desire to slaughter your father while he slept. But don’t worry, I was in therapy while I was growing you!

  8 Responses to “Open Diary Night”

  1. Hate sex is the best kind! It’s so ANGRY!!

  2. Hahahaha! I remember that particular Erin. Those posts reminded me of this one I had put up, making fun of the LJ drama queens: http://lizerk.livejournal.com/302270.html

  3. that last paragraph would look lovely on a birthday card sold out of one of your shops….maybe a photo/card hybrid line: fucked up birthday cards for your kids!

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