Apr 012008

The Apopka family was enjoying an afternoon at the circus, when someone decided it would be a great idea to start cooking some meth on their portable stove while watching the lion tamer harrass a youthful female clown in a dark corner. Things suddenly went awry and the next thing the Apopka’s knew, they were buffeted by burning cotton candy and projectile popcorn.

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If you’re going to mess around with a portable stove, at least pay attention to what you’ve got cookin’.

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Acrylic on an 8×8 canvas board.

  4 Responses to “Art Promo”

  1. i LOVE the textures in this painting. and- all the colors.

    of course- i also love the circus.

    remember whenever you were like- it’s not like a circus HISTORY book…

    man i iz dum.

  2. I LOOOOOVE THE COLORS! And I mean LOVE. Love, love, love.

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