May 182021

Ever the hardest working artist in Korea, Taemin wasn’t about to sit around in the weeks leading up to his military enlistment and has instead gifted us with a mini-album and new MV.

NO ONE does it better than Taemin. The fact that he never looks the same in any comeback, continues to glide along that gender fluidity tip, could dance better than your fave even with his limbs bound, AND pours those dreamy vocals into our ears at the same time?! LEGEND.

Also, that opening piano solo was in my head all day it was bothering me because it sounded very reminiscent of something that I love and it finally occurred to me on the 87th listen that it has Chiodos vibes to it GOD ONLY TAEMIN COULD WED MY LOVE OF POST-HARDCORE WITH KPOP.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about this, there is another older song of his where he sounds like the singer from another post-hardcore band I love, Artifex Pereo.

I think my past life in the Warped Tour scene was all part of the plan to lead me to Taemin.

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