Aug 182021

Remember Wordless Wednesday?? Probably not. It was a “thing” in the blogosphere (yep, I really just used that word) way back when people still actually read blogs. Anyway, let’s pretend that this still exists because I have really no words, what with the depressing/horrifying/are you kidding me state of the world. So today I will share some songs that have been carrying through. Sorry, I’m still predominantly into Korean music so x-out now if you’re not interested!

  1. Maniac – NCT U (Doyoung & Haechan)

Big props to my pal Veronica for the heads up about this one, it somehow completely fell under my radar, which is surprising because Haechan is my NCT bias! Veronica pointed out that it has Debarge and Doobie Brothers (“What a Fool Believes”) vibes and I totally get that too – it’s the horns! I’d even go as far as to say that it has some 1980s Genesis flavor too. I’ve listened to it on repeat for like a full hour today. OK I’m listening to this again right now and I started crying because it makes me feel so happy.

NCT DREAM on Twitter: "Chilling Jalapeño #HAECHAN NCT DREAM The 1st Album  〖맛 (Hot Sauce)〗 ➫ 2021.05.10 (KST) #NCTDREAM #맛_HotSauce  #NCTDREAM_맛_HotSauce…"

luv u haechan!

2. Low Low – Ten & YangYang

Boiiii you know I love me some Ten, and I am so happy that SM is giving him so much to do lately!

3. Nakka – AKMU (ft. IU)

Can AKMU do anything wrong? They’re genius siblings, IFSTG. Plus, the addition of IU just raises this song even higher. I love it so much. (JANNA DOES TOO, in case you were wondering, “yeah, but does JANNA like it?”)

4. Lilac – IU

I mean, speaking of IU…

 5. Hula Hoops – DPR Live (ft. Beenzino & Hwasa)

This song has been in my head for a solid week! My fave kpop aerobics guy has a routine for this song and it’s so much fun, I love him and this song. Also, I wish I looked as fierce as Hwasa does by literally doing nothing. She’s a goddess. Also this reminds me that I wanted to buy weighted hula hoops for EXERCISE so catch me later online investigating that fitness rabbit hole.

6. You Can’t Sit With Us – Sunmi

THE QUEEN IS BACK. Sunmi is incapable of recording bad songs. This is my current anthem. I would like to sing it to lots of people. You can’t sit with us, fuck off, I hate you.

7. I Know I Love You – TXT (ft. Seori) 

TXT reminds me of when BTS was still good. I love this song namu namu namu much.

8. Hold On Me – Nam Woo Hyun (ft. Junoflo)

This song makes me want to run through my neighborhood in the rain. Actually, it’s raining now, so….

BONUS SONG: In honor of MY KING G-Dragon’s birthday today, we gotta end it with a GD jam!

OK, there were some words, sorry.

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