Jul 202010

If you left a comment on my blog Monday night and it’s since been deleted, it’s because Henry was fucking around with the database.

Not because I’m a bitch or a whore.  Well, I am both of those things, but you know what I mean.

  5 Responses to “A Friendly PSA”

  1. I left a comment about how much I wanted to have sex with Jordan. :(

    • I know, I got it at the time, and even replied! Then Henry pulled the plug and everything after a certain hour went bye-bye.


      It’s all back now, but of course not before a ruckus started.

  2. Here is the comment I left you in response to your comment. I feel like this has turned to shit and I am very sorry for all of it!

    This is the problem with the blogging world – MISCOMMUNICATION! Relying on what people type and not being able to hear their tone or whatever. THIS POST WAS NOT ABOUT YOU Oh Honestly Erin! There is this blog I USE to follow that is very clique-ish and this was the SECOND time she had deleted my comment. I think this was all just bad timing with your blog having issues. I AM SORRY if you thought it was you. I think you are hilarious!! And would still very much love to share your story with my readers if you will still have me…??

    • This is so funny now! The best part was that I actually said out loud to my boyfriend, “Ooh, I better just go to that girl’s blog so she doesn’t think I deleted her comment.” Because the blog world IS DOUCHEY and there ARE assholes out there who do shit like that. I didn’t post this in retaliation or anything, but mostly just in case people did think I was deleting their comments. Damage control, lol!

      I’m glad it was a mix-up. Please do link back to that post! I would love that:)



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