Jan 222022

Reporting live from a boring Saturday in Pittsburgh. Henry left a million hours ago to take Chooch to work and get more fluff for the ceiling project and has not yet returned so I’ve just been sitting here reading (just started “New People” – Danzy Senna) with boy Kpop videos on in the background.

And my cat Penelope is sprawled across me quite uncomfortably.

Anyway, I got some new Hipstamatic sets that I wanted to try out so I took some selfies because that’s just what people do, ok.

I really like this one because I went through a heavy phase in like, 2007 where I was very into this editing effect on my “real” photos. (Real as in, back when I actually used by DSLR on the regular and gave a shit about photography.)

This new film/lens set makes my skin look rough AF but I still like the moodiness of it.

Signature pose. What you can’t see in the background is how absolutely trashed the dining room is since it’s being used 24:7 as our Valentine card studio. I love our busy season but the mess that comes with it really makes me anxious. If we ever buy a house (Henry was just suggesting it again today but I panicked and said NO NOT YET lol), we need an extra room to make cards in, for real.


I can’t remember where these sunglasses turned up (I think Chooch found them?) but I’m so glad that I still have these Versace sunglasses. My aunt Sharon bought them for me when we were in Italy in 1996 because I was O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with Versace. If I’m remembering correctly, it likely had something to do with Foxy Brown, who was my fucking idol back then. So because Foxy Brown liked Versace, I did too. I can still vividly remember my BFF Lisa calling me in July of 1997 to tell me that Gianni Versace had been murdered, and I slid down the wall of my parent’s laundry room, phone cord wrapped around me, wailing NOOOOOOOO. I was wrecked.

In a recent meeting at work, Betty White’s death was brought up, and some people were sharing celebrity deaths that really affected them, and I was going to mention this but honestly I just have don’t the energy to talk in the damn video calls anymore.

It was bad enough that I had to do a MEET & GREET on Thursday with a new person that just started in my old group, but my former manager Amber did a really good job teeing me up so I actually said facts about myself without sounding winded and hyper, like I was being chased by Leatherface. I’m trying really hard to avoid medication but I’m starting to think that I might have to succumb to some kind of anti-anxiety drug here at some point because I shouldn’t be downing a shot of soju before a meeting to calm my nerves??? That’s not normal, I don’t think. (LOL JK I WOULD NEVER HA HA HA.)

Anyway, I’m glad these glasses made it through three moves since 1996 because I appreciate them more now that I’m a grown-up and it’s funny to me that 90s fashion is now trendy again so I won’t get to rock these ironically since it will just look like they’re new. I wish I still had all of my old cropped fuzzy sweaters. I actually just texted my mom to see if I left any clothes at her house when I moved out in 1998 and she said SHE WILL LOOK.

Oh, Henry finally came home BTW. Now he’s making me oatmeal for dinner and telling me to stop calling our cat Drew “PJ Chuckles” even though that’s one of her names, but OK, cook on, mothercheffer.

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