Jul 312010

Good morning! Here is my first entry! Can it be done now?

Boy, have I got a whole lot in store for everyone for the next twenty four hours. A whole lot of nothing. Hopefully I will find a way to scrounge something up, even if it means clipping off Henry’s ballsack and writing about the sound it made.

As you know, or maybe you don’t know, I’m doing this 24-hour blogging thing to raise money for the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Oil Spill Relief Fund.

This money is not for me! It never touches my hands. You won’t see me pulling up to the soup kitchen in a Escalade next week, I promise. To ensure everyone’s trust, I’ve created a page over at razoo.com so I can keep track of the money raised, but the donations go straight to the charity. So far I’ve raised 6 thanks to the kindness of others!

Some of my sponsors have given me laundry lists of chores to complete throughout blogathon. I must include these words somewhere in a post:

  • pterodactyl
  • rannygazoo
  • janiform
  • absquatulate
  • retrosexual
  • craptastic
  • barbiturate
  • schadenfreude

There are some stunts Henry must perform, such as having a baby shoe fall on him, hugging Marcy, cradling a picture of Tom Selleck like a baby, and learning how to do the Percolater, which I just can’t wait to see. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU.

If you’ve sponsored me, don’t forget to send over your requests! You can just leave it here as a comment.

I’ll be taking donations the whole time this is going on, so if you feel particularly inspired, I would love your help! Every little bit counts. The donation page is here:


(I mean, if you want.)

Hopefully I won’t throw any fits this time around. Keep stopping back and dropping comments! I’ll be here. All day. And all night. Until 9:00am Sunday morning. Fuck.

And oh my god, hopefully Henry and Chooch leave. Like, NOW.

  11 Responses to “#1 Blogathon begins & my eyes are bright, etc etc”

  1. I wish Henry would cradle ME like a baby.

  2. Top of tha mornin! Did you get credited with our donation? I didn’t make an account, but I wanted to make sure you were credited.

  3. Are commissioned crank calls illegal?? Cuz i’d love to unleash your devious imagination on my soon to be ex-wife! But dont want get a judge’s trousers in a bunch!

    • WHAT?! I need details regarding this. Does it mean you’re coming back?! I miss you so much that there are days where it hurts! You were one of my bestestestssss. :(

      • Well dunno about moving… Still have a good job here and the divorce will restrict either of us from moving without consent of the other… But it does mean that the parts of me that have been oppressed and suppressed for too long by here addiction and evil are springing back to life! Hell… Look i’m following blogathon and supporting my good friend Ruby! This would have been very unlikely under living the way i used to. I had to change to survive being a “single father” who just so happened to have a bed bound and drugged up emotional blackhole living in my house.
        ps i miss you like crazy too! Definitely have my much much miss days too!

  4. Where’s the schadenfreude?

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