Jul 312010

THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE NOW. This is before the tears and the hair pulling and the sweating and the crazy laughing and the self-injury.

OH THANK GOD ALISHA IS HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!! And she brought me iced coffee and breakfast. Oh my god, she just tried to feed me sausage.

  4 Responses to “#5 This is me before Alisha has to call the suicide hotline”

  1. oh admit it Night Train!! You love a little sausage now and then!

  2. You have the cutest face in the world. Seriously.

  3. I like the hair and class color combo! And This blogathon is so cool! How do you get people to comment so frequently? I can’t even get 10 people to comment in one week…

  4. Just woke up. And you know I don’t get up at the bad 8:30 for just anyone.
    Alisha should have waited a bit to try to stuff sausage into you. I predict 10 pm, sausage will be somehow appealing

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