Jul 312010

So, with Erin only giving me about 3 minutes to think and type this up…this may not be as exciting as the rest of her posts for the remainder of this day..or any other day for that matter. (standard disclaimer)

This is a behind the scenes plea of Blogathon 2010.   While Blogathon is a GREAT idea, it can turn the most docile of us into a crazy hyper manic turtle.  That’s right, have you ever seen a crazy hyper manic turtle?  Me either, but still..  If you know Erin at all, you will know that she is far from a turtle.  I mean, she’s not even green!  Well, accept for that one time.

Last year I thought to come with stuffs.  I mean, I brought lots of stuffs.  I brought canned air(seriously) and wine and chocolates and all kinds of stuffs.  Which were never even used.  This year?  I brought myself.  Coffee.  And a veggie flatbread sandwhich thingie.  I now know the important things to equip myself with to keep Erin in the butterfly and rainbow moods.    That is my job.  Butterflies and rainbows…so, while this post is not so much with the words…I realize that they may be my last.  So, if anyone(ANYONE) reads this, please..remember that I was at Erin’s house until tomorrow morning..and if you don’t hear from me again, or hear of me again..please go feed my dog.  kthxbai


  2 Responses to “#17: Guest Post from Alisha (wish you could have heard the jingle I turned that into.)”

  1. please go feed your dawg??? what about the damn cat?!?!?!?

  2. Thank you for not letting Erin walk into traffic or abduct strangers.

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