Jul 312010


All of this is happening simultaneously:

  • My brother Corey is sitting next to me, eating yogurt and telling me about a safety video he watched at his summer job at Columbia Gas (our dad works there too AND THEY SAT TOGETHER).
  • Chooch is dangling my charm bracelet (guess it’s not so prized after all!!) in front of me, exclaiming, “A NEW BRACELET? MOMMY YOU GOT A NEW BRACELET? COREY DO YOU LIKE YOGURT?” Oh my god, he just almost dropped my camera.
  • Alisha is at the door dealing money to the pizza guy (I’ve forgotten to eat all day; Alisha has rectified that.)
  • Henry is hovering behind me, breathing

Oh my god, so much is going on, my head is spinning and just now, I started to cry.

Corey and Chooch are looking at my old pictures of dead pets.

It’s a sobering moment.

Now Corey is telling me that he was in the garage attic looking for something for our mom, who called up to him, “You know, your dad used to have a big glass bong in that corner over there, see if you can find it!” Unfortunately, it must have been something our dad remembered to take with him after The Divorce.

Say it don't spray it.

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