Jul 312010

To those of you who have been following again and reading this bullshit, thank you! You are so very much appreciated! I have a headache. I’m chewing on my hair still. Sweating a little. Would rather be watching Food Party. But look, we’re doing good things here! To date, $456.00 has been raised for the Oil Spill Relief Fund!

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You guys are generous and lovely and without you, this would be pointless.

It’s not too late if you still want to donate. The link will be posted at the end of this entry.

In other news, Henry and Chooch have been gone basically all day. They’re home now, looking like they spent the day at the beach and no one told them about this little thing called sunscreen.

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Chooch’s face is burnt. Henry’s face is burnt. I don’t care about Henry, but come on man. Lather our son up, please!

Apparently, they went to a fair tonight. A fair! Without me! Henry said three random people gave Chooch ride tickets for no good reason. Just, “Here, kid. Have a ticket.” It must be really charming to be Chooch. I’m jealous of my own son at times.


(I mean, if you want to.)

  One Response to “#29: Commercial time”

  1. I’m jealous that yinz have so many fairs! Apparently the culture of fairs didn’t make it this far south yet. Or else these southerners just don’t get it.. I dont want a rodeo or a ho-down or a snake round up or a chilli cook-off*…. i want funnel cakes, ping pong balls in dainty cups, dangerous rides, and local talent performing rain or shine… Ok rant done.
    *sometimes i like a good chilli cook-off

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