Oct 182022

While I’m still over here processing my emotions/feels/thoughts, here is a video from Thursday’s concert where NCT127 opened with Henry’s all time favorite NCT127 song, Kick It.

(Not my video!)

I know, you think I’m being facetious. “LOL like Henry would have a favorite Kpop song.” But I cannot stress enough the fact that he genuinely likes (almost all) Kpop and the whole NCT universe particularly is god tier for him. (He just said “maybe.” But I don’t think he understands what god tier means, so.)

Speaking of Henry though, I need to get him to sit down and collab with me on my next concert post because he had a very different experience than me, lol.

Meanwhile, he went to Target tonight with Chooch and brought home the Target exclusive of their new album! What a sweetheart. Drew came over to see who I pulled:

Haechan! (And also Jungwoo, Henry’s former bias.) Haechan is my ult NCT bias so I was happy. :)

Chooch was mad that Drew that was interested in this.

Ok 잘 자요 여러분.


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