May 052008

Or: Henry’s son Blake and my friend Sarah are good sports.

Blake wore a Chiodos shirt and I was happy.

At least I didn’t have to worry about their stilettos getting slurped into the mud.

Blake was atop a train for this and I was so nervous that a) he was going to fall; b) someone was going to see and call the cops. But then I was like, well, if he falls, maybe he’ll be knocked out long enough for me  to steal his Chiodos shirt.

"Sarah, I only see you once a year, but I’d love to take your picture." And she didn’t think it was weird at all, which is why we’re friends in the first place.

More Photos Here.


  20 Responses to “Masks, Umbrellas, the Threat of Tetanus”

  1. These are awesomely creepy. They remind me of that one scene in The Shining where Wendy catches the two guys in animal suits doing naughty things on a hotel bed.

  2. I had fun yesterday. Thanks for lugging me along. Did you have visions of Blake falling off that train too? Ugh.
    The pictures turned out so great. I love how the colors come out so intensely. Oh and I really like the one of Sarah on the chair.

    Give Chooch a few more months and I bet he’ll wear a mask and let you pose him.

    • Thank you so much for helping control Chooch yesterday. It would have been impossible to do this otherwise.

      And thanks for the comment! It gets old, putting so much effort into this shit.

  3. i love your warped mind-
    and these pictures.

    i’m only sad that i wasn’t there.

  4. i love the one with blake on the train.
    i kinda feel sorry for mr. koala.
    he looks so lonely.

  5. these really are super fantastic.

  6. I really like the one of Sarah on the chair in the field. I like how the mask mimics the colors of the field and background, it almost looks organic to the scene. If she were just standing there the mask would flow into the rest of the landscape, but then you stuck in the blue chair which catches your eye and gives it a really surreal feel. It snaps your attention back to the fact that she’s wearing a monkey mask and you realize again how out of place that is.

  7. These make me feel so uncofortable, like i’m peeking into an alternate universe or something. This is undeniably some fantastic art!

    So, Henry goes along with this? That’s awesome.

  8. These are freaky! Love them. Love the purple umbrella. If I saw someone, walking on a street with that umbrella, I would wrestle them until I won the umbrella!

  9. Very cool!

    Do you love your camera? I’m trying to decide what to get.

  10. Cool, thanks! I suck too much to deserve a DSLR, but I’m ordering a Canon point & shoot for noobs soon. That seems to be the best brand according to my learnings. :)

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