Apr 152023

Ay-yo, today I got my hair cut at Bad Apple which is evidently my salon now, I’m keeping it, having been going there since last July and really building a nice rapport with my stylist, Carly.

Anyway, I was originally just going to get my highlights partially touched up and a trim, but the last few weeks I’ve been really considering A CUT. Like, nothing drastic but my hair has been long and just, the same, for too long now.

I started googling pictures of lobs and quickly decided that this was the look I wanted. Actually, now that I think about it, remember a few posts ago when I said that Henry didn’t fight once during our Chicago journey? DAENG DAENG DAENG. We did! And it was when I showed him one of the hairspo pictures and he LAUGHED?! I was like, “REALLY U THINK THIS IS A JOKE, U BITCH?” and then I sulked in the car for a few minutes while he tried to back pedal.

But you know what? I don’t let a MAN shame me out of a hairstyle, so I showed Carly the exact picture this morning and she was like “yes. Let’s do it!!”

Anyway! I really like it. I told her that I also wanted curtain bangs and I’m not going to like – I had regertz at first. But I think I just didn’t like them because she styled my hair straight with just the ends kind of flipped up and in my head, I knew I wanted it to more wavy/tousled. But I also didn’t want to be there any longer! So when I got home, I threw in some quick waves with my flat iron and then the bangs fell into place with a choir of angels singing from the ceiling.

Ok, here are some pictures. They’re not the greatest (because my face is in them LOLOLOLughhh it’s a low self esteem day, my guy) but you will maybe get the idea!

Forever cutting off the top of my head. If I could trust Henry to take decent pictures of me, perhaps we’d have better visuals here.

In other news, my blog was hacked today I guess and then Henry fixed it but another issue arose and then he just spent the last 90 minutes on the phone with some IT guy who has to be his best bud by now (Henry, on hold, was like, “he’s probably in your blog looking at all your pictures,” and I screamed, “maybe he’s looking at my NCT Dream content! Ask him if he’s Czennie!!!!” but he said, “No I will not.”)

So that was Saturday. Super low key. Also went to the library, watched a ton of 7DREAM concert footage on YouTube, went to the cem. Perfect weather. Good hair. Be back tomorrow if my blog still exists!

P.S. I just said to Henry, “I feel like I’ve been crying all day. Oh wait–I was just crying a few minutes ago when I was watching a vlog of someone watching the NCT Dream movie in the theater.”

Henry got the “Omg” glaze over his eyes.

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