Apr 302023

We were supposed to have belated cake for Chooch tonight but the cake person was a no-show today so Baskin Robbins called and tried to get me to take a basic ice cream cake that they already had on hand but I got super upset about this and screamed about it (not to the BR person – they left me a voicemail so my Karen Sesh was directed at Henry) for a good SEVEN MINUTES and Henry was like, “Erin. He’s 17. He doesn’t even care about this cake” BUT I CARE ABOUT IT OK.

In the end, we decided to just do cake celebrating tomorrow night so Henry called BR back and they said sure, ASSUMING THEIR CAKE BITCH ISNT A NO SHOW AGAIN.

This was another really boring weekend. The weather was not great Bob so I couldn’t even enjoy nature-things. I just stayed home all weekend except for earlier today when we went to Las Palmas to look at piñatas for the fiesta I’m hosting next Saturday but I got mad at Henry for ignoring me / not listening to me / being distracted so I stormed out.

Can you sense that there was a theme for today? My explosive anger was on a short fuse today. Im ok now. I went on a long drive earlier and listened to an audio book and then came home and knocked freshly-folded laundry out of Henry’s arms so that felt good.

I know that just because Henry is chained up in the basement while working on the subway sign, that doesn’t mean that I have to stay home too but the thought of making plans is so exhausting/overwhelming to me right now, especially when its impromptu. I don’t know that I have that amount of emotional stamina or stability right now.

Progress shot:

It has its own laptop and wifi!

I just feel like I’m going stir crazy. Normal people I think would make the best of a rainy, quiet weekend by bingeing TV shows, napping, watching a movie, etc but I cannot focus on S H I T. Nothing holds my interest! I’ve abandoned the last several TV series I started (Daisy Jones – I read the book and feel like the show was starting to waste my time, and the latest season of You is just sooooo bad in my opinion). Then I think “ok I’ll watch a movie” but then I spend an hour looking for a movie, starting a movie, stopping a movie.

In other news, Rob who lives on the other side of HNC may or may not be moving out? HNC said he was and it does appear like there has been some moving-out activity taking place but then I noticed today that he replaced the beer sign in his front window with another beer sign. So, who knows. But he was outside doing something last night while BLASTING classic rock.

Today was so boring that at one point, Henry and I – the last remaining people in the country who have yet to watch a single second of anything Kardashian-related – had a disagreement over which Kardashian sister was the oldest. (I have never been more sad to be correct about something.)

I just want to go to an amusement park. Then I’ll be ok.

  2 Responses to “Needing a hobby”

  1. Happy Birthday, Chooch! I knew you when you were but a twinkle, I think.

    Erin, did you see Suga on Fallon? (Not sure you are into BTS).

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