May 122008

Oh hi. Hello. I'm a really crap-quality picture of a neat ring! I spent a whopping $10 of my stimulus funding on this umbrella ring and it makes me fucking smile every time I glance down at it.

If you’re looking for cool stuff to spend your cash on, might I suggest Eggman Studios (purveyor of this awesome bumbershoot ring) and Lena Blue, who will make your head look all Victorian and shit.

And also, my dumb and gay paintings. Hahahahahaha.





  19 Responses to ““but it’s just rain” i smile, brushing my tears away”

  1. that ring is awesome…

    your paintings, even better.

  2. oh my goodness. i do believe i will be purchasing my hair accessory for my wedding from Lena Blue.
    too freaking cute.

    • She is so amazing but SHE NEEDS TO LIST MORE STUFF, STAT.

      I have some of her hair accessories and they make me feel so pretty. :)

    • oh crap!
      i didn’t know Lena Blue was Merry!
      she’s so freaking talented it’s ridiculous.

      you’d be pretty with poop in your hair.

  3. wow, thanks for the shout out! wish my shop was full.

    :D <—–big ass cheesy grin because I love me some Erin.

  4. I read the subject line and thought this was gonna be The Cure post!

    “I wish I could just stop…I know another moment will break my heart…”

    My favorite song from Wish.

    • Mine too! I especially love seeing them perform it live. It amazes me how after all these years, they haven’t lost an ounce of passion.

      I will be posting about soon! There’s so much to sort out in my head first and so little time to sit down and give it a good go.

  5. oh! oh!

    Lezbie etsy friends :D



    I’ll pop-artify chooch for you

  6. haha sweet
    we’re going to have rings and necklaces up soon, too!

    your paintings kick so much ass

    I’m hella jealous

    I’m hellous

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