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Look, the fact that I know anything about this is embarrassing, because I learned it from The Blog Frog, which is supposed to be a community for bloggers but us decent ones are unfortunately out-numbered by the vanilla, scripture-slingin’ mommy variety. So, evidently, there is some Christian mommy blogger who gets paid by BlogHer to write mediocre accounts of her loosely truth-based life and take crappy photos of her kids. BlogHer recently found out that she’s been plagiarizing so they terminated her account.

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Some uber-Christian zealot started a thread over on The Blog Frog, practically condemning all the people who are in agreeance with BlogHer. I don’t really understand what God has to do with any of this, but she brings him up constantly in the original post and all of her replies to the people who are actually trying to approach this with some rationality.

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Here is a quote from the original poster:

That being said, I can honestly say that without a second thought I would take a picture from the internet and put it on my blog ( i don’t have a blog but I’m just saying). If you want credit for it then put your name across the middle of it like I see eveyone do. I wouldn’t even think that was wrong.

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If I were copying someone elses words I would change them up alot into my own style, not write word for word, but I don’t think anyone should have reported it. They only did it to hurt her because they felt mad. Those thoughts and feelings come from the devil. They just can’t see it.

Oh really? Fuck you. Fuck you with your own Goddamn Bible. The fact that someone doesn’t think stealing another person’s images, words or intellectual property is wrong makes me feel ill. Whatever happened to originality? When did that become such a novelty?

And the fact that the bible jockey who posted that doesn’t even have her own blog is very unsurprising to me. If she did, it would likely just be filled with emoticons and theft.

Some of us actually put effort into what we write, even though it may not always seem like it when you come here and see that once again, the bowels of my punctuation skills have dropped out all over your screen. But if you want to steal my typo’d words and pass them off as your own? Be my guest. You just better make damn sure I don’t find you, motherfucker.

I am very upset about this.

[eta: I apologize if this makes me sound like some Christian-hating freak. I don’t hate any religious person. I just don’t like being told my opinions are influenced by Satan.]

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  1. Amen! People who violate the blog code of ethics are just plain old not nice! :(

  2. Wait which community cause I will flat go there and tell her she might want to read her own bible STEALING is a sin there too.. This is ONE christian she don’t want to sling bible verses at.. I tend to thrown them back with more knowledge an panache

    • First of all, I apologize if I came across as some crazy Christian-hater. I’m not! This particular lady just rubbed me the wrong way by implying that I’m doing Satan’s bidding by not taking the side of someone who blatantly stole (and admitted it too) someone else’s work. Anger always brings out my jerky side!

      It was in the MckMama community, but the thread has been closed:(

  3. Wow… I couldn’t scroll down to the comments on that post far enough to realize what she was talking about, I thought it was just the usual ‘people who hate MckMama are minions of Satan’ rant.

    WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT. It’s bad enough to steal if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have morals or a conscience, but to ACT like you’re so fucking holier than though and THEN steal shit? She’d better hope that Jesus will save her from the karma that’s bound to come her way. And I find it sickening that people in that thread who think that she should accept the consequences of her actions have to apologize like five times so that nobody attacks them. If these people are Christians why are they so quick to find the devil in people who disagree with them, but hold hypocrites like MckMama up like golden calves. I don’t really buy her God angle that much to begin with, I think she found it was a good hook in the tragedy porn blogging world and just ran with it. AND HER PHOTOS SUCK. I hate hate HATE the ones where she focuses on something really close in the foreground and the rest of the photo is out of focus. Did you see those wedding photos she took a few months ago? (You might have been the one to link me to them lol). Horrible. I feel sorry for that couple, she’s more interested in her limited bag of tricks than she is in taking good photos.

    Glad I got that off my chest lol.

    • I have lots of Christian friends and I feel like this particular broad just gives them all a bad name. I know for certain that my friend Lisa isn’t playing the Jesus card every two minutes, and she’s the biggest Christian I know. But she’s the good kind.

      I never even heard of Mckmama until I found Blog Frog. It’s astounding how many people she has eating out of her hand. If I were one of her followers, I’d be pissed, not defending her.

      But Mckmama aside, the lady that started that discussion just really offended me in so many ways. I would be devastated if anyone ever stole my words, and I would hope that someone would tell me if they ever found out.

      • It’s not the Christianity I have a problem with, it’s the hypocrisy of hiding behind it when your values or morals (and the way you treat other people) are no better than anyone else. It’s kind of a cliche but it blows me away how many people who claim to follow Christ are so un-Christ like in their own lives. And people who see something wrong happening and blow the whistle aren’t agents of the devil just because the person that they caught is someone that you like. I literally was so mad reading that first post that I started to get sick… I just finished eating ice cream and the rage churned it right up. :S I can’t stand that way of thinking and I see it so many different places on the web.

  4. Fucking blog thieves. I hate them. With the time they spend ripping off other peoples blogs, they could, oh I don’t know, attempt to write something themselves. And I agree with you about the hypocrisy behind those who claim to be Godly.

    • Using God as a scapegoat is the worst. I certainly don’t use the Devil as mine. When I fuck up, it’s MY fault!

      I’ve been blogging since 2001. You know how much I’ve made from it? $0. But that’s OK, because at the end of the day, I can sleep well knowing that everything I’ve ever written has been original.

      THANK YOU for your comment, Ms. Zany Housewife!

  5. weird & creepy & sad
    plagerism is flat out wrong
    & following someone blindly= never wise (in reference to the person you were talking about)
    good for you for standing up!

    • Thanks! I would have liked to have weighed in on the actual discussion in the forum I saw it on, but the OP had already closed it by then. I don’t normally get that heated about things I read on Blog Frog, but I HAD to vent here, lol.

  6. My head just exploded. Can’t contain hypocrisy that big. Wow. The blogiverse just really let me down. At least BlogHer took the thieving asshat down.

    • The blogger who caused this whole plagiarism brouhaha in the first place had a post on her blog admitting that she did it, but made it sound like it was no big deal, and then promptly threw down the Jesus Card. She took another person’s words and made money off it. To me, that’s a big deal which has nothing to do with God.


  7. You know, this really bothers me too. I have stopped using BlogFrog as often as I used to because of the people who are just looking for a fight and a place to defend their beliefs. I don’t mean to be a hippie but can’t we all just get along!? I am a Christian/Catholic but you don’t see me blasting people who disagree with me or even mentioning my beliefs in any “meaningful” way. It’s none of their business to know my beliefs, and it’s none of MY business to judge them for theirs.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for sharing – obviously this is news to me! – and I totally agree with you. Uncool. Note to self: I need to start tagging my pics with some text so these people don’t steal them!

    • “I have stopped using BlogFrog as often as I used to because of the people who are just looking for a fight and a place to defend their beliefs.”

      And that sucks! Because I was under the impression that Blog Frog was supposed to be a community for us bloggers to come together and make new friends, support each other, etc. Not be mean and attack each other.

      I understand that religion is the most important thing in a lot of people’s lives. It’s their passion. My passion is music. I certainly don’t lambaste another person for liking country music when I like post-hardcore. It’s all a matter of respect, and I realize that a lot of what I threw down in this post is completely disrespectful to a lot of people, and I apologize for that. See what happens when I get mad?! Lol!

      I’m glad you stopped by and weighed in on this:)

  8. It’s people like that who givet those of us who are Christian and don’t pull stunts like this a bad name. As a Christian/Catholic myself, I try my best to keep my beliefs to myself and not impose them on others. It’s not why I blog. That being said, as a journalism major and an attorney, I cannot support stealing someone else’s work. If I take a picture from somewhere in Internet land, I credit where I got it. And if I mention someone else’s work, I include their hyperlink and the source of where I got it. You just don’t rip off other people’s stuff. I didn’t get the chance to read this link, but I wish I did. There were actually people supporting this? ugh, that’s disgusting.

  9. I just looked at the topic.

    “This is not a cure for cancer that she she stole from someone else and said was her idea. The fact that some people could really think this is so serious that they had to take her down is UNBELIEVABLE! and it shows me how much hold satan really has on this world! So I’m just asking what other people think????”

    Oh, shit, I don’t know what to think ‘cuz my “thoughts and feelings come from the devil”. I should just copy her words, since she’s the one who has God backing her up. It’s not the cure for cancer or anything, why would she mind?

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