Oct 222010

Everyone knows I love haunted houses, but what I love even more is going to a haunted house with someone who hates haunted houses, and by that I of course mean someone who has a weak heart and pees herself at the mere sight of an animatronic corpse rotting on a blood-squirting commode and then has to schedule an extra session with her therapist because she can’t stop the sensation of walking through a hallway cramped with dangling body bags.

And that is exactly the kind of person my friend Gina is. It took a little bit of needling, but I finally got her to agree to go to Hundred Acres Manor last night.

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It was a bit of a gamble, considering she’s a new friend and I try to wait at least half a year before lead-footing the abuse pedal.

Since it was a Thursday, and a few minutes before the ticket booth closed, there was no one in line.

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This made Gina whimper and begin back-peddling, but I reminded her of the scandelous photos I have of her from 1998 and that made her quit tugging me back to the direction of the car.

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Today, when I went to her house to retrieve the clump of my hair and flesh from my hand which she tore off in one of her scared rabbit fits inside the Manor, I found her diary splayed open to this page:

  8 Responses to “Hundred Acres Manor”

  1. Awesome!

  2. That is hilarious. I am on of those people that are afraid of haunted houses. I’ve only been to one at six flags when I was 20 and I got so scared that I just squatted in a corner until they turned the lights on…yes, I know I’m a punk.

  3. Bag of Gruesome Body props; $35.98
    Headless Zombie…. $59.95
    Trip to Hundred Acre Manor with Erin …. Priceless

  4. So, what did you guys think of Hundred Acres? Pro’s, con’s, love’s, hate’s?

    • We both loved it! She was honest-to-god shaking through most of it.

      I’ve been going every year since back in the days of Phantoms in the Park, and I can honestly say it gets better every year. The set design was sick. For me, the scariest was the first leg of it, the manor I guess? Every room was creepy.

      The hospital part was insane, too. The only part that didn’t scare me was the last section with the clowns, but only because I’m part of the minority of people who aren’t scared of clowns.

      Definitely better than that OTHER big Pittsburgh haunt, which I refuse to spend my money on anymore.

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