Nov 032010

Today, this man is reminding me of the girl I used to be, the girl who would never let a bitch treat her poorly. And I know he would not approve of those who have been doing just that.

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So today, I’m closing a door that I honestly thought would be open for a long time. And of that, I know he would approve.

It gets easier and easier.

  3 Responses to “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Backbone”

  1. I know how that is, my father and I have almost completely severed communications (we only correspond via e-mail) thanks to the actions of his current wife. It has been hard form me, my father has a serious heart condition, but nobody talks about me and my family like that without repercussions. It hurts everyday but I can’t allow my family to be damaged without trying to do something to stop it.

    • Severing communication can be so hard sometimes! It’s one thing when it’s someone who’s harrassing you (have had that happen twice in as many months – had to block IP/email addresses), but when it means not being able to talk to someone you actually care about – ugh. It hurts so bad.

      Sometimes it’s the only way.

      I’m sorry your dad is married to someone like that! But good for you for sticking up for your family. That’s why you’re such a great dad!

  2. I get so happy every time you post a Pappap picture!!! You look much happier here than in any Halloween photo. <3 And good for you for freeing your life of negativity that will just suck you into its pit.

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