Apr 152024

Hard to believe but some how I am still living life outside of all my S.Korea recaps, so here is a quick post about life lately, I guess.


Amazing vegan ice cream and proceeds when to a good animal cause too, which we love.


Last Tuesday, I went into the office and ugh, downtown Pittsburgh. Please get your shit together. Literally. All I wanted to do was go for a walk and get an iced latte because it was a gorgeous day. Margie was trying to think of where I could safely walk and then was like, “Just stay here” but of course I ended up going the WORST route which I even SAID I WAS GOING TO AVOID but I wanted to go to the Strip and my feet just automatically steered me down Liberty Ave. where I held my breath so as not to inhale the hot piss fumes, had to dodge an abortion bitch kneeling on a mat with her shitty rosary, and then – AND I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP – had to sidestep some nasty bitch who was standing half in – half out of a doorway to a pizza shop and PUKING on the sidewalk. It was white and foamy whatever that means.

Anyway, I made it to Prestogeorge for a cinnamon latte, which I haven’t had since pre-Covid, but my guy Vincent Gallo behind the counter over there gave me such an INTENSE interaction, mostly with just his piercing gaze that I was actually frightened. I took this picture with a quickness because I was afraid if he caught me, he’d kidnap me and force me to pretend to be his wife for his parents.

I walked back on Penn Ave which is always the better choice and I laughed because some of the trees were blossoming beautifully but no one was lining up to take 1,076 pictures of it.


Yesterday after picking up the ice cream and our ShadoBeni dinner, I was idly looking out the car window. There was a woman walking down the sidewalk and I screamed, “OMG I THOUGHT THAT HAWK WAS GOING TO LAND ON HER!”

And then, “Oh wait, that’s a kite. She’s just flying a kite.”

“Erin,” Henry said incredulously. “That’s…a piece of paper. That’s LITERALLY just a piece of paper.”

So…not a hawk. Not a kite.


My current favorite song by the YG rookie girl group Babymonster. Look, I know YG is a questionable agency but if people are still going to support Hybe, then I’ll be staying in YG’s corner. Also, they can actually sing, so.

I love how dramatic this is, lol, oh YG.

And this version is A+++

In case you were wondering what I have been thinking about lately, it’s nothing. I have no room to think about anything with “sheesh. sheesh. sheeshsheesh. sheesh” circulating between my ears 24:7.


Pam is moving to Pgh! I just linked to a random Coaster Crew figuring she is probably in there somewhere. But yeah, my brother Corey helped her buy a house in less than a month and guess what? IT’S IN MY ‘HOOD! When she first looked at it, I told her that I had friends who used to live on that street before they moved to Ohio and that I could walk to their house. That didn’t deter her!

I’m excited to celebrate this big win with her! We are going to be in her city of Philly this weekend for college stuff, but she will be in the ‘Burgh doing home inspection stuff, but soon! I’m excited to have someone to go to Kennywood with now, too! This is amazing.

Well, that’s about it for now. I have some other stuff, but I have a real life bedtime tonight because I’m a sucker and going into the office AGAIN tomorrow. And I guess Korea recaps will also resume tomorrow.  I love/hate these recaps. It’s starting to feel like it was less like yesterday and more like that didn’t really happen. :(

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