May 122024

Hi. Mothers Day was fine. Henry got me two Seventeen albums that I already have (granted one was just a different version) but Chooch spent his OWN MONEY IN FRONT OF FRIENDS on an NCT album for me and then bitched about it like it was the Great Plight of Spring 2024 for him, worse than waiting for college decisions. Jesus. Sorry for living!!

Dude the photos of Haechan was worth the price alone.

Then we got takeout from a vegan place on the South Side (Moodz). My buffalo chicken sandwich was fine but the oyster mushrooms were a bit too tough in parts. Chooch got the soul food platter which had really interesting eggplant “fish” and dirty rice – I thought it was really good but A LOT of food.

Henry didn’t get anything and I was so mad because I specifically told him to get either the po boy or the fish sandwich because I wanted to share and he came home with JUST A COOKIE for himself so this started a fight and then I was like I DONT WANT MY CHICKEN EITHER THEN U RUINED MOTHERS DAY YET AGAIN I HATE U but then I calmed down and ate and it was fine.

Then Henry and I went to the cemetery for a walk and some random tween boy was running away from his family (???) and have me a finger salute and said, “Happy Mothers Day” and for some reason this was the best part of the day, it was so weird and sort of cute I guess because his family was blowing the horn and SCREAMING-SCRAME-SCRUMMING from another part of the cem for him to get his ass back there.

(He obeyed.)

Later, we went to play tennis and I was relegated to the backseat :/

We were in really bad form though, just a total off day, sluggish, playing like amateurs so I threw a quiet tantrum and went back to the car even though Ball Boy was like “you guys didn’t even warm yet” – I was like THE FUCK U KNOW ABOUT WARMING UP BITCH STAY IN YOUR LANE.

But then we came home and Henry did yardwork and I exercised which made me feel a lot better.

Then Tamanna came over and gave me a rose for Mother’s Day! It was really sweet but the. LANGUAGE BARRIER so she said she would message me but when she went home she video called me on What’s App and I panicked and didn’t answer.

Then I made Henry take another walk with me (my third of the day because I am so fucking nervous and can’t sit still) and wow Brookline Blvd is a whole different vibe on Sunday nights. It was like every bar we walked past catered to a different ethnicity and it was pretty cool and WILDLY varied. We were like, “damn ok Brookline 2024, pop off.”

Came home and watched videos of people eating at vegan places in Korea and I was internally weeping.

And that was Mothers Day 2024. Fine but could have been better. I could have been riding the Wacky Worm at least.

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