May 292024

Not even going to pretend that I have much to say about Day 2 at Cedar Point. While it wasn’t as crowded as Saturday, it made up for that in degrees because it was hot AF. I actually got a mild sunburn.

Chooch and his CP Crew – we saw them randomly throughout the day and he actually acknowledged us so that was nice of him. I will say that all of his friends are very polite and will actually converse with us even though we are old and lame.

Some things I want to remember, in bullets:

  • The delectable cookies we had both days from whatever the bakery is called – you’d think I’d know since we hit them up for cookies on every trip. Their snickerdoodles are exceptional but holy hot damn sizzling in a skillet, the lemon crinkle cookie was so goddamn good that to this day (a whole week and a half later lol), I am pissed that we only bought one and shared it. But these cookies were our saviors on Saturday when all the food lines were outrageously long and I was about to launch into a hunger fit.
  • I forgot to mention but speaking of Saturday, I got pizza from Hugh’s once the line was no longer OUT THE DOOR AND DOWN MAIN STREET. And I will say, it was a pretty good slab of cheese pizza – Detroit-style I guess? Is that when it’s thick and square? It was good. Was it $16.99 for a slice and 2 breadsticks good? Um, no. That pizza better come with a photocard and poster, at that price. Or at least a toupee of black olives.
  • We rode SteVe first thing on Sunday when the line was only about 30 minutes and then I proceeded to see people from that line all day long. Anyway, backseat as usual (I always request it with prayer hands and the station attendant will usually ALWAYS cave) and it was such a refreshing way to fully wake up. SteVe still reigns supreme in my book.
  • Maverick was broken down every time we walked by so our streak of “leaving CP with 0 Maverick rides” continues. So mothercheffing frustrating. CP in general is but you gotta enter with low expectations so that you’re only BASIC LEVELS OF PISSED OFF by the time you leave, and not POSTAL-LEVELS OF PISSED OFF.
  • Got a good backrow ride on Millie.

  • I was a sweaty mess all day but I wore my STRAY KIDS concert shirt so that was nice of me.

  • A big lowlight was, at 3:30, when Henry decided he wanted to walk to the car to put on sun screen and then realized he forgot to check where we parked and we roamed around the parking lot FOR THIRTY FUCKING MINUTES. Of course this happened right when our – whatever package thingie that came with the car – lapsed and Henry hasn’t renewed the annual membership so we can’t do things like remote start from the app, and I dunno, USE THE FIND MY CAR FEATURE. Impeccable timing! Then, I found the car because unlike Henry who kept walking in the same square of the lot over and over like a Roomba unable to break free of its programmed constraints, I ventured to another section. However, Hank the Yokel REFUSED to answer his phone which sent me into a fit of rage and I wanted to break shit so badly. Henry claims that this situation didn’t warrant the level of hostility in my texts to him, but DON’T TELL ME HOW TO REACT, CIS WHITE MAN.

^^^ Sorry if you thought I was an angel but this is The Real Erin. ;D

  • We waited for Raptor in a 45-minute line behind three super boisterous young women, one of whom spoke openly about WHEN SHE WAS IN PRISON and then got in her black friend’s face at one point and repeatedly screamed IS IT BECAUSE I’M WHITE?? Then she wanted a hair tie to toss onto the roof of the Raptor building so her friend turned around and asked me if I had one and I DID – it was on my wrist – but I said, “Yes, but I need it” so then she asked the girl behind me or actually took hers out of her hair and handed it over?! I’m sorry, but I’m not giving some broad my hair thing just so she can shoot it onto a roof?! Also, two people cut in front of them when they weren’t paying attention and I’m really sad about that because I am positive there would have been a confrontation and I’d have LOVED to see it. Anyway, Raptor is great and I scream-laughed the whole way through it.
  • But the ride that made me laugh the hardest that day was MAGNUM. Henry hates this coaster so much and kept trying to get out of riding it. In fact, he was so happy to see that it was down when we went to that area for soft pretzels, but then! The line opened right after we finished our pretzels and he was like, “GODDAMMIT. FINE.” We made it all the way to the station and got in line for the first row of the last car. He was not pleased at how fast this was progressing. One of my favorite parts of the Magnum experience is how the ride ops know that this is such a contentious coaster – it is super hated while also having a universal, rabid fan base – so their send-offs are usually monotone and sarcastic (I  think this time they mumbled something about enjoying the airtime over the triangle hills). I dunno, maybe it’s just me and my constant desire to belong to something but it makes me feel like I’m part of an inside joke?! Anyway, this was a major highlight of the weekend because I had such an insane giggle fit on this while Henry kept chanting, “SQUARE WHEELS. SQUARE WHEELS.” He hates this coaster so much and honestly that probably just makes me like it more. Back on the brake run, the guy behind me gushed, “That actually was the smoothest ride I’ve had on this – that wasn’t bad AT ALL” and I whipped around in my seat to pant, “I WAS JUST SAYING THE SAME THING BUT HE *thumbs Henry* DISAGREED.” It was a beautiful moment. Amusement parks bring out the extroverted side of me that has been bashed repeatedly over the head with a frying pan and put in the corner.

Well, I think that’s all. If I think of anything else (like the smoothie bowl I had for breakfast from some local juice place that was absolutely delicious), I will come back and update this for the future no-eyeballs to gaze upon.

Remember when I got married in Korea?

Sorry, it’s just that I realized I didn’t mention Korea at all in this whole post, god forbid.





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