May 222008
Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 18:50 Eleanore said she wants harrison ford for xmas & tina laffed so hard she had to squat. Tina, its not as funny as your mullet. #
  • 18:50 Tina’s Mullet — that’s what I want for xmas. That’s what I’m naming my ghost band. #
  • 19:18 Just went for a walk w/ Tina & listened to her talk about Crocs for 2 laps. Yes, tell me more about ur foot ailments, I salivate. #
  • 19:32 I’m gonna bring a knife to this party. #
  • 19:35 GodDAMN mexicans write good poetry. #
  • 20:53 Could have sworn Christina just said she misses my period. Evidently, she misses ME — period. #
  • 22:23 Robots SHOULD have human hair. #

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  2 Responses to “tweets don’t re-heat well”

  1. well– and i miss your period, too.

    mexicans write lame poetry and you know it.

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