Dec 122010

We were supposed to get some big shot snow storm today, so Henry made me cancel all my plans.

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That means I was stuck in the house all day with these assholes.

They’ve been monopolizing my phone like, all day.

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I got nothing accomplished during this unwarranted house arrest except for yoga, watching the Capitals get raped by the Rangers, and ruining Henry’s cupcakes by throwing a fistful of marshmallows into each unbaked cup.

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Fuck winter.

  5 Responses to “Random Picture (Boring) Sunday”

  1. aw, I feel ya…I hate winter, too. Hope you got control over your phone again!

  2. I haven’t told you lately just how much I love your blog. You seriously crack me up and keep me engaged in your entries. <3

  3. I love how Chooch looks like he’s going to bitch-slap Henry in the last photo, and the pirate hat is awesome.

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