Dec 142010

Guys, stop what you’re doing! I have a guest post today over at Brandy’s blog! To keep with a Christmas theme, I lent her the best original recipe I have ever created and she was brave enough to share it. And it’s a good thing too because I am feeling a little burnt out.

But I want you to promise me something! While you’re over there, read some of her other posts too. Her blog has everything from DIY ideas, weekly confessionals, really incredible pictures, the cutest dog, and just all-around great stories about her life. She is really fantastic. And come on, you know how few blog friends I have, so it must be true! I only pimp out the things I actually love.

Now go bake those cookies!

In other news, I am on the phone with my friend Lisa right now while she searches for her nose ring in her car. (She called while I was in the middle of writing this, which is why I discovered an hour later that I completely left a sentence unfinished. GOOD JOB LISA.)

  5 Responses to “Go Read My Guest Post. You Should, Really. Maybe?”

  1. I totally love that recipe! I hate brown bread though, would it work with white?
    I have an awesome one for you that requires no cooking or measuring….cheese ball…mmmm

  2. Son of a bitch I guess I should post that shit before I hit send :(
    16 oz brick of cream cheese
    1 bag of finely grated sharp cheddar
    1 package of dry ranch dressing
    1 bag of crushed nuts

    Mix it all together (except nuts) in a bowl
    Form into one large ball or many tiny ones.
    Roll in nuts.
    Refrigerate over night

    I skip that whole nuts thing. I don’t want anything coming between me and cheese.

  3. Can’t wait to see the photos!

  4. That was way more than generous for you to say!!

    Thanks dude! I am so glad you contributed. It really made my day!

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