Mar 202011

“You can take more medicine now,” Henry said, joining me in bed where I am currently melting into the mattress with Extreme Sickness.

“Oh good. Go get me some,” I mumbled, Kleenex plugging up both nostrils.

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“What are your symptoms now?”

“Watery eyes. Major facial wetness. Like if you peel the flesh from my skull, duck sauce will come flooding out,” I answered matter-of-factly.

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Henry’s head exploded into a brilliant puff of gyrating question marks.

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“The only way I could ever find medicine for you is if you were the person who wrote the symptoms on the box.”

I guess I’m not getting new medicine.

  3 Responses to “A Conversation About Medicine”

  1. hope you feel better

  2. Those symptoms sound terrible…. delicious even?

    Get better!

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