Apr 052011

If I ever can pull myself out of this emotional concentration camp I’ve thrown myself in, I will be writing about last week’s Soul Skate. This will hopefully happen later today.

But until then, I will just be floating around the house listlessly, with imaginary slit-wrists thanks to Jonny Craig. Fuck you, Jonny Craig.

(I know, this shit is annoying.

Now try being Henry and having to live with it. The 2:28 mark made me collapse into his arms yesterday and he was like, “WTF is wrong with you, sixteen-year-old?” and I was wailing, “IT IS STABBING ME IN THE HEART OW OW OW!

” Sometimes it’s easier to listen to the same song over and over rather than deal with reality, I guess.


  One Response to “Filler: Thug City”

  1. SHUT UP!!! it’s my favorite part.

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