Apr 082011

Easter’s pretty lame for adults. I try to keep some of the child-like wonder alive by dyeing eggs, but that shit gets old after dunking one hard-boiled chick into a cup of colored vinegar. Andrea from My Pretty Zombie must feel the same way because she created a limited edition Easter eye shadow set for us child-like grown-ups to still feel some Resurrectionary joy.

This picture was taken from MPZ’s Etsy, credit goes to Andrea.

Deviled Egg with a little Rabbit’s Foot on top, Basketcase and Dye! Dye! as liner. Vacant stare  not included.

I wish these pictures showed the awesome red glitter in Deviled Egg, but I am not skilled in cosmetic photography. But seriously, go grab one of these sets — she only made about 20 of them and it’s totally worth it. I made sure I was the first one to get one because I’m a whore for MPZ.

And while I’m on the Easter kick, I think that the art of Easter card-sending is dead. I haven’t received an Easter card since I was a good Catholic kid anticipating a new My Little Pony in my goddamn Easter basket. My mom used to intercept my Easter cards and steal the money from them.

Even still, I sort of miss getting Easter cards. Someone you know might feel the same way, so why not surprise their grown-up, basket-less self this Easter by sending them this card.

This card features the same zombie from my other cards, as drawn by Chooch, and I added some digital embellishments to give him a Jesus bent.

Comes with an envelope, because that’s what Jesus would do. You can pick one up over at Non Compos Cards, and use the coupon code “jejune” for free shipping.

I’m taking a zombie self-defense class on Palm Sunday. Totally feeling Easter this year. Might even buy a Laura Ashley.

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  1. I’m so glad you got the first one! I love these looks you come up with. You’re so pretty ! <3

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