Jun 302008

If you love Circa Survive and independent record stores, and you’re looking for something other than illegal arms and online poker to spend you cash on, you should go here and prove it. Not to sound like Sally Struthers, but for as little as ninety-cents (or more if you’re feeling all Mr. Deeds today) you can receive a B-side from Circa’s "On Letting Go" album and the proceeds go to helping Siren Records re-open.

The song is nothing short of amazing, so I can personally attest that it’s worth spending a few bucks on, rather than downloading illegally. (And this is coming from an avid supporter of the illegal downloading scene.)

Maybe you like Circa Survive, but stopped buying CDs in 2001. But maybe you like children. You can get the same deal on a different Circa B-side here, but the proceeds will go to kids who need some shit. That should should clear your conscious a little, after all the nuns you had sex with last weekend.

Look, I did it, and now my syphillis is gone.


  3 Responses to “Charity Stuff”

  1. everyone should do this…
    i am.

    so the nuns will forgive me?

  2. You always steer us in the right direction.

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