May 012011


Such a shitty, mostly unsafe area, but one of my favorite places to take pictures.


These were both taken and edited with my phone. I feel like that’s the only camera I ever use anymore.

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Sorry, Canon. :(

I’m hoping today isn’t a repeat of last Saturday night where I think we’re going rollerskating up until 2 minutes before we leave to actually NOT go rollerskating.

Henry is still paying for that.

  8 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday: McKees Rocks”

  1. I don’t care if your phone is the only camera you use – because they always come out awesome anyway! I love your photos. Obviously. ;)

  2. What camera application do you use? Your photos look fantastic!

    A Ladybug’s Life

  3. I was going to ask you how you did that with your phone but I’m late to comment as always. Good thing some one else was on it. I have a droid too and I love it but am super jealous of the iPhone apps. That top pic looks way too good to have been done on your phone. The colors are so incredible in it. Good job!

    • Thank you, I feel the same way about your photos too!

      I actually have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone (I’m so not an Apple girl). There are so many things about it that piss me off, but I do love the photography apps. They’re really the only ones I use!

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