Jul 022008

Yesterday we found out that they’re taking away the night shift. We were all offered positions on daylight, but Henry and I are scrambling now, trying to find a way for us to both work during the day. My mom said she’d babysit, but she also said she was opening the pool, though I’ve yet to smell the chlorine.

Needless to say, none of us felt like working much last night.

Joe and Eleanore are going to start the new shift on Monday, but Tina, Kim and I are sticking it out until the end of the month. Tina keeps taunting me about that, like she’s doing me some kind of perverted favor by staying on night shift until the end. This was supposed to be a really good week too, because Eleanore’s on vacation. It was supposed to be quiet and peaceful, but instead Tina and Kim made fun of me loudly, and I was trying to fend off the nervous breakdown that”s dying to happen. I wish I could be as optimistic as Henry. He’s all, "Oh, we’ll find a way to make it work! Don’t worry!" while I’m all, "My life is over, Jesus fuck, this sucks, I want to die."

Anyway, by August 1st, I might be out of a job unless we figure something out or I devise a way to smuggle Chooch to work with me. An oversized purse and some chloroform should do the trick.

RIP night shift. You were fun while you lasted.

  15 Responses to “Now’s my chance to be a hooker”

  1. Oh, that totally sucks! Maybe you could train Chooch to act as your personal security guard and claim to secretly be a celebrity’s bastard love child.

  2. That’s terrible. =(

    I hope you can find something soon. My mom worked evenings when me and my brother were small, it’s really the easiest way to do it when you can’t afford child care. I’m crossing my fingers for you. <3

    • It’s definitely the easiest way. The only bad part is that I miss out on a lot of shit since I’m always working at night. But I definitely prefer it and I hope I can find something else quick!

      Thanks, Jenn<3

  3. :( this really is shitty…

    i know it’s not always easy for you to get acclimated to things, and i’m sorry that it is going down like this. i really am.

    BUT! i’m with henry on the positive view…
    it will work out.

    it still just blows.

    if you end up having to leave completely:
    i think tina, eleanore, joe, and collin will all suffer major erin withdrawls.

    and trust me- THOSE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this totally sucks.

    i know it’s hard to adjust to stuff like this – it would be for me – but try to look at it as an opportunity. maybe you’ll end up finding another night shift that you like better?

    but yeah, still stucks.

    it will work out, though! i know it will.

    • I wanted to leave anyway, just not like this! You know? Obviously it’s not some golden job — it’s processing data for shit’s sake, but I was comfortable there and I dread having to start over again somewhere else.

      HOWEVER — now maybe I can get a porn reviewing job or some shit.

      Thanks, Merry<33

  5. Good thing Tina’s the martyr that she is…
    I don’t know how you would’ve survived the week.

    I’m not a lover of change,
    and I like to be in control of the ones that do happen.
    We’ve had a few knock us to a place that I never thought I would be able to live happily again.
    In hindsight, they were all for the better…
    even if it did take me years to realize.
    I know it’s scary now,
    but keep your chin up.

    • Exactly! I need to be in control, too. Granted, I don’t like my job THAT much, but I wanted to leave on my own terms, you know? Now I just feel panicked.

      Thanks for the encouragement! <3

  6. That sucks. I’ll miss you if you find something else though :( Good luck!

    I know what you mean, this place isn’t a four star hotel but I know I’m pretty content no matter how much I complain about it.

    Always something at this mad house. But I tell you, I’m not looking forward to hearing Tina’s voice again so soon…

    • There’s been so many changes lately, I can’t handle it!

      I don’t know how long I’m g oing to last on days, but I’m going to give it a shot. :/ At least we’ll get to actually talk now!

  7. What terrible news, especially considering you might not even WANT anyone else to take care of Riley. This is a lot of stress on you guys so I hope a better opportunity pops up before too long.

    • Exactly! I liked the way it was going, where one of us was always with Riley. I just worry that my mom is going to lose interest and then I’m going to be stuck.

  8. Aw man, that really sucks…I hope that something comes along really soon!

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