Jul 152008

“My back feels a lot better today,” I said in lieu of ‘hello’ when Henry came home from work. “Probably because I put ice on it today, and stretched a lot.”

“Yeah, probably. It couldn’t be because I RUBBED IT FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF last night,” Henry said, pushing past me.

And with that, I went back to plotting my scheme to win Corey Haim’s heart, while Henry robotically prepared my dinner for work tonight. What? I swear Henry and I are in love! He just bought me sparkly Converse, even.

  7 Responses to “A Converse-ation”

  1. I threw out my back last Monday and it STILL hurts. It was feeling better after doing pilates last week but I pulled something deep inside. I just feels wrong now, like muscles and nerves are out of place. I wish Tim would massage me for an hour and a half. :'(

    Corey Haim was my favorite Corey when I was in junior high. He looks so bad now! Did you see The Two Coreys episode where he was on the set of Lost Boys II? What a prima donna!

    • Oh god, that SUCKS!! What I don’t understand is how, on every site I went to, it said, “Rest!” and then “Stay active!” in the same paragraph. What does that mean??? I hope you heal fast!

      I was just talking about that episode when I was outside on break! How about the part where he didn’t know his mic was still on? Oh, Corey. :(

    • on every site I went to, it said, “Rest!” and then “Stay active!” in the same paragraph

      Oh I know!! I guess I was too active. Back to the couch!

      That part was really harsh. :( I think this season of The Two Coreys should end with a crossover episode on Intervention. Maybe he just needs a good girlfriend to straighten him out. You can do it, Erin! You need to save Corey!!

  2. Is there an award for best online couple? Because I’d vote for you and Henry.

  3. -and this isn’t even mentionioning the hunts henry has to go on for the ingriedients to your interesting food choices.

    you and henry are a lot of fun for real.

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