Jul 292011

Tomorrow is my birthday and all I want (aside from all you tasty people to come to my rollerskating party!) is to know who reads this junk. Lately it’s been feeling a little all for naught, which makes me sad and angsty and because this here is my baby. Leave a comment, don’t be shy! Tell me something about you, tell me why you read this, tell me a band to check out. I want nothing more than some good old-fashioned Internet interaction.

Maybe I’ll even sweeten the pot and give something away to a random commenter. You know how I do. (And by that I mean resorting to bribery.)

  34 Responses to “My 32nd Birthday Wish”

  1. Happy Birthday Erin (well early birthday anyways)! First off, watch your mailbox Monday (I’m terrible at getting to the post office on time). Second, I read this blog because you are a great writer and an amazing person and I love being able to keep up with you and Henry and Chooch (although I can’t keep up as well as I once could).

  2. I read this because you are probably the most interesting person I’ve ever met. And because I do most of my interaction with others over the internet because I am socially awkward.
    However, I will be facing my fears in order to attend your birthday party, because I think it’s completely awesome that someone our age is having a roller skating party! (I will also be skipping a required derby practice and will probably get in trouble for it, but I feel like not supporting an adult birthday skating party goes against everything I believe in!)

    • Holy crap, Valerie—I’m touched that you would do that to come to my party! I’m really excited to see you there. I feel like we have so much in common and I always want to hang out with you, but I completely understand the social thing. <3 Thank you for continuing to read this shit after all these years.

      Remember when I realized that you and Kara were real life friends and I wrote you a drunken note on a Mad Mex napkin for her to give you?

  3. I read this because I like you. I really, really want to meet you and hang out some day and I feel like a total lame ass that I haven’t done so yet. I mean, we’ve had PA in mind as a trip for years now and still haven’t done it. What’s worse is now that we have kids there are even more reasons to visit PA and we’re still on our butts in MI.

    I think you’re interesting and smart and creative. I think you’re probably a lot of fun to be around once you’ve gotten over your whole awkward introduction thing. I think you’re a good mom who is really involved with her kid. I think you’re nifty!

  4. I read this because you’re a genius and have read every post since 2008 when I first started stalking you. I remember seeing a link to your blog on the EDT forum page and I’ve been your biggest fan ever since.
    I so wish I could be there for your birthday party, but I’ll be pouring some out for you here.

  5. I read all your posts and sometimes read them to my husband… who thinks I’m nuts for reading him some random persons blog entry that I find funny. haha I just don’t always comment because I’m not sure what to say. =D Oh and sometimes Andrea and I talk about your entries and then I laugh more. XD

  6. hi i’m alex, i used to be “cowgirlforjesus” on livejournal! i removed your lj at one point i think, probably for drug-fueled weirdo reasons, but i found this blog a few months ago and check in through google reader. yayayy

    you are always hilarious.

  7. Happy Birthday, Erin.
    I read because you are one of very few writers who makes me laugh out loud. You crack me up on a regular basis, and it does me a world of good.

  8. Heck, I read you all the time. Usually it’s through LJ feed (which has been fooked seven ways from sunday lately) but I read you!

  9. I read your articals because the are different. I like your outlook on things. You see outside the box. Normal is way overrated….lol….keep being you!!!

  10. It’s always such a bittersweet moment when I look at my blog – because I see so many readers and not many commenters. The main thing I love about blogging is the community interaction – how do I get more? I can’t interact if it’s just me preaching to the mysterious wide world with no response – that’s a lecture not a conversation. So I completely get where you’re coming from.

    We should make a habit of commenting on each other’s blogs – cause I love reading yours and I hope mine are entertaining to you as well.

    PS I just saw your “leave a voice comment” – cool! Where’d u get that? I’d LOVE that!

  11. Listen, lady…you knows I be readin’ all yo’ shizzle. What you’re doing is excellent, funny, and awesome…don’t you ever doubt it! LOVE YOU LOTS LIKE TATER TOTS!

  12. i bet we are all here! i know i am… always reading…. but as usual, by the time i finish reading i don’t have the energy left to comment…. but i’m here!

    i hope henry and chooch treat you right on your birthday…. !!

    and if i had a mic on this stupid computer i would surely leave you a voice comment…. i think that would be large fun!

    • Thanks for popping by and saying hey! It means a lot. I was just curious lately if anyone read this nonsense anymore.

      Man, I think I have that voice comment thing for 2 years now and no one has ever used it! It actually came with something else I installed, but I thought it was cool so I kept it. :)

  13. I’m your friendly neighborhood blog lurker. =) Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday Eve. I still read because I find your blog hilarious, entertaining and endearing. You write with sincerity but punctuate with that great sardonic humor. I’ve been watching you blog for ten years and it’s never grown tiresome.

  15. Happpppiest almost birthday. You can rest easy knowing I’m here lurking :)

  16. Hi Erin, I still track your blog as well as seeing your posts on facebook from time to time. Although we haven’t met in person, I enjoy reading your stories about real life, with just enough twist that I’m never quite sure whether they are embellished. I also like the little doses of reality that come through and I think you are a very talented photographer. I might write more but I am tired and this little droid keyboard is making me write like I’m drunk!

  17. Your incredible writing capability is what draws me back here. You have a way with words like no other. Well, that and the awesome photos you post. Seriously, you’re extremely gifted. You should author a book; you’d make a killing.

  18. Happy Birthday, to my first blog friend! I found your blog and subsequently jumped head-first into the Erin Fan Club in 2008, after finding your serial killer Christmas cards (which made my friends and family further question my mental state after receiving them). After that, I realized how much we have in common, even though it may not be apparent upon first inspection. Your blog is a breath of fresh air into my day because your writing is funny and poetic, your stories and photographs are entertaining and real, and you put yourself on that page with every word you write. Even three years later, I am still stunned by your bravery and innate talent for constructing some of the most beautiful sentences I’ve read. I can go on and on about how much I adore you and your blog, but let’s suffice it to say that I admire you incredibly, and am thankful that I serendipitously found this page because it has, in a way, saved me from myself a few times. XO, friend; I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday.

  19. In a weird way I feel a bit connected to you. I love your honesty and your genius ability to make an everyday event interesting to read about and make me laugh my ass off. I feel like I know who you are from the way you write and there are not a lot of people who can pull that off.

    I am loving Underoaths, It’s dangerous business walking to your front door and death star margaritas.

    I am so glad to have met you online even if it was through BlogFrog. Hope to be friends for a very long time.

  20. Happy birthday! I wish I could come rollerskating with you but there are good reasons why roller skates and I no longer communicate. Also, I will be out of town and you live in another state all together. All good reasons, I guess. Or not.

    I second what Brandy said about Underoath – I love them. Although seriously, I think they make me depressed. So watch out for that. Still good music.

    Also, I’m adding you to my Reader because you are fucking hilarious. But not in an overly funny, shove-it-down-your-throat kind of way. Just a way that I totally relate with.

  21. just got here for the first time. already like it. “now with more typos” haha

  22. I read! Im just terrible at ever getting around to writing comments.

    I hope your birthday was the best! <3

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