Jul 262008

I’m participating in this Etsy Fundraiser thingie. From July 26 – August 6, 20% of my sales will be directly dontated to Saving Shelter Pets, Inc.

There are several other Etsy shops involved, so if you like animals and your heart hasn’t been too hardened by that prick called Life, take a look around and help us out.

Etsy Fundraiser for Saving Shelter Pets, Inc.

  6 Responses to “Charitable Notice”

  1. aww, you’re so much nicer and less greedy about money than i am.

    alright, tbh, i just donate directly to the local shelter and take them food and shit. but, still, good for you for being charitable.

  2. i’m hardened AND poor…

    but i think what you’re doing is awesome! i’d definitely buy something if i weren’t having to dish out ridiculous sums of money to move and all.

    good luck, i hope you all make a bunch! both my dogs are rescues, and i have supported the shelters here in the Atl when i’ve been able to.

    • I hear ya!

      That’s awesome that both of your dogs are rescues. Both of my mom’s dogs are too. She’s the one who got me involved in this fundraiser!

      Thanks! I hope we’re able to raise a good bit. :)

  3. i wanted more of your art anyway…

    they are awesome.

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