Jul 312008


Tonight I had planned on writing about my great time at Warped Tour / Henry’s terrible time at Warped Tour. But then I decided to tell my boss that tomorrow will be my last night here at my job, so instead of plastering photos of scene kids (I am so enchanted by them, in fact, that I think I’m going to do a photographical study) all along the Internet, I’ve been sitting at my desk & staring blankly at the computer screen.

The end.

  11 Responses to “A LETTER”

  1. Oh, Erin! How are you feeling about your decision? Are you staring blankly because you’re feeling blank?
    Tomorrow is a bright new day, I bet a hundred great things will happen for you (yes, in one day). :)

    • Last night I just felt numb. But today I’ve applied to several jobs and I feel alright. Tonight is the last night for night shift anyway. No more Tina! What will I do?!?

      Thanks, Rachy!

  2. … you know you’ve got my support.

    like a really good bra. 300

  3. I am currently job hunting, too. Good luck. At least you have the option to work at night, if you wanted to. There are slim pickings out here right now; hope you have better luck!

  4. What are you doing looking for a JOB? Shouldn’t you be famous by now????

  5. After years of jobs I hated, I finally decided to find one I really wanted. It took the last six months, but this week I started my dream job as a Marketing Coordinator (which I totally lied about to get, but that’s another story). I am certain that you’ll find whatever will fulfill you the most. Good luck hon! :)

  6. Tomorrow is another day (and obviously, it was and still is, as I’m frightfully behind on everyone’s life) but you will find something else that will be fulfilling for you. I’m sure of it.

    Good luck, and kick some boot-ay!

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