Aug 052008


  12 Responses to “KICKBALL, HOLLA ATCHA”

  1. look- i’m in…

    i just hope the game doesn’t give me as much of a headach as that banner!!!!!!!!!!! jesus.

    i need drugs to appreciate the kickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickballkickball background. lol.

    your parties are always the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m hype.

  2. dude, that’s like a month away, i can’t plan that far in advance! So i take it this means job hunting is going well

  3. I WISHHHHHHH!!! Farkin’ distance!!

  4. I’M SO THERE!!! … in spirit =(

  5. I call your team…. I feel like we’d be less competitive (and I’m less likely to get smacked this way?) Lol ;)

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