Aug 082008

We’re at Subway currently and as the theme to St. Elmos Fire eases the Veggie Patty down my gullet with its soulful pop orchestration, I’m reminded of the time Janna and my friend Lisa slept over in high school and I was so angry because they fell asleep during St. Elmo’s Fire, even after I specifically told them that movie was the celluloid manifestation of everything I stood for (wtf am I talking about) and it was the sole basis for the sleepover. Then Janna dreamt that night that I couldn’t find my Victoria’s Secret catalogue and talked about it for years.

I wish MySpace was around in 1997 so I could have unfriended them.

In any case, two of the sandwich artists here right now are my new crushes. Except the one might only be 16 so n/m.

  2 Responses to “Subway Thoughts”

  1. celluloid manifestation of everything I stood for

    is this verbatim?!?!?
    b/c i wish everyone talked like you.

    ok, maybe without all the murder stuff.

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