Nov 112011

So here it is: the Big 4. It seems like it’s been so much longer that my life has been out there for all to see. Oh it has, ever since Erin started live journal sometime in the early 2000’s.

From the very beginning she has known that “I DO NOT LIKE MY PERSONAL LIFE OUT THERE”. But that didn’t stop her from posting about me. Now comes the 4th birthday of OHE and she asks me to think of 5 posts that I find are my favorite, that seems easy enough, but then I also have to write about them (another thing I hate, Writing) and post it as a guest blogger. Sounds fun and exciting to someone who hates to write, and I have been putting it off since she asked me to do it.

Unlike most of you who read OHE I happen to be in almost every post, except the ones that involve Jonny (I hope I spelled the asshole’s name right). I have had pictures posted of me in a dress, tutu and makeup. (Almost forgot the wiener pics, my favorite.)

She pretty much posts everthing I do or say that would make me look bad or embarrass the fuck out of me.

Examples:  Christmas Eve, Part 2: Henry’s Big Gay Secret















You would think this would have nothing to do with me

She just loves my service years, and not for good.

 I have only cracked the surface of my life altering embarrassing moments that she has exploited to the fullest. So you see why I have such a hard time picking 5 posts that are my favorite for the 4th birthday of OHE. I don’t think I could narrow it down to that few, but according to her I don’t read it. Do I really have to read something that I live day to day, sometimes that very same day, sometimes a week later?

Yes, I do have to read it,  not daily like she wants me to, but I do get around to it eventually. Usually after she starts whining and hounding me to. I wouldn’t miss reading how I made her life a living hell or one of our many trips that suddenly have things in them that I don’t remember happening that way. Granted she does write about the good stuff but who wants that, that’s boring.

Man I hate to say this in an open forum where it can be seen by all and will be here for ever (A lesson Erin has not yet mastered and if she does, people will stop reading). But I have gotten used to all the ridicule and embarrassment that she puts me through on a daily basis, my life being out there for everyone to see and read about. There is only one reason that could have happened, that I could become numb to it all:

Because over the past 10 years Erin has become my best friend and love of my life. So here is to many more years of Henrying for all to read.


Thanks for reading


  19 Responses to “Can you believe we are still together after 4 years of OHE! Happy 4th B-day”

  1. fun blog! Glad you have someone able to take it. LOL

    Came to comment and follow from Mom Loop on Blog Frog. I’d love it if you’d comment and follow in return:)

    Thanks and have a great night.

  2. Awww, your a good man, Henry! Now where’s the delete button so this comment doesn’t live on the Interweb for ALL TIMES!!

  3. awwwww! That’s so very sweet! I figured you had to love her at least a little, mind you — you do let her photograph you in various outfits for our amusement, and despite what she says, I’m pretty sure you’re not a closet masochistic exhibitionist. I’ve been reading Erin’s blog for years (from her LJ days) and I always wondered what sort of guy you were. Now I know. Erin has herself a keeper.

    now put a ring on it.

  4. I agree Put a Ring on IT!!

    Loved hearing from you Henry! I bet you secretly love all of the attention, negative & positive ;)

  5. This post wins the blog forever. You kick ass, always.

    I just scared my cat laughing.

  6. Awwww! I only hope my husband will learn to appreciate my embarrassing blog posts about him someday. You give me hope, Henry. Hope, I tell you.

  7. Henry!!! That was awesome!!!!!

  8. Your love (and tolerance) (and support of Erin’s blog) is obvious. :)

    It’s a very tricky thing, to have a relationship with a blogger…you have to have a lot of trust and discussion, if your love takes your relationship posts public.

    I was pleased to have the chance to meet you last month. And good to read your words here! *hug*

  9. Good golly, Henry. After reading this, I see why Erin puts up with you (haha). Don’t tell Erin this, but I think you kind of rock.

  10. Ive always been Team Henry.
    This is the sweetest post ever and Erin is one lucky bitch. <3

  11. I think this one is one of my favorite blog posts!

  12. Aw, this is adorable. I love you guys so hard!

  13. Best Closing EVER! Oh and for the record, all of your little kitchen delights are pretty amazing! When is the cookbook, or “how to” videos, coming out?

  14. Wow….it is rare for you too say anything. I’m very impressed by your writing talents. I enjoyed it very much. It’s hard to see your big brother in a tu tu and wearing eye shadow but I know now that it’s all in good fun and that you really must love Erin to put up with all of that. You should write more often, it’s very therapeutic for the soul.

  15. Great post, Henry! Good for you, putting your love for Erin out there for all to see. I wonder if that will earn you an “Erin Embarrasses Henry on her blog AGAIN” hiatus? Probably not, but I know that secretly she’s beaming about your comments. And I agree with Kelly – you should write more often! For the record, Henry + Erin = entertainment galore!

  16. From what Erin had said about you, which I realise is only one half of the story, I doubted that you’d actually write this guest post, but I’m glad you did.

    The two of you clearly have something special going on, and I hope you’ll consider writing more on what is already a very well-written and entertaining blog.

  17. Henry, I’ve always held a special place for you in my heart, especially after you obliged my blog-athon requests for photos of you cradling a picture of Tom Selleck and playing hopscotch. The Henrying category is one of my favorites, especially when Erin lets her guard down and says something nice about you.

    Thanks for writing; I look forward to hearing about your future anecdotes.

  18. For someone who hates to write, this was really a great post. I always thought you were some sort of fag, but I was obviously wrong. Seriously, this was really sweet and honest and am glad you shared your thoughts.

    Henry is the man. Which works, since Erin is the woman. I love you both.

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