Nov 122011

I always say that if it weren’t for Barb, I probably wouldn’t have lasted very long at The Law Firm; she made me feel welcome from the get-go, showed me all the ropes, and by the end of the my first night it became extremely clear to me why she’s pretty much everyone’s favorite in that department. Since April 2010, she has quickly become one of my favorite people of all time and has let me cry about my asshole family to her on countless occasions, which skyrockets her out of the plain and ordinary “co-worker” category.

Barb seemed surprised when I asked her to contribute, but I don’t know why! She’s been such a big supporter and never makes me think that is just “some dumb blog.” She understands that it’s a part of me and she doesn’t make me feel stupid for it. When she used to sit directly behind me, she would read it and laugh super hard out loud, which would make me quietly proceed with a power fist gesticulation.

Here are her picks!

1. Interview with the law firm*I believe this was the first entry I read after Erin let me in on the fact that she writes a blog. Wow, I thought, as soon as I read the first entry. This girl has got TALENT! I became hooked after the very first time and am still fascinated by it all. Sometimes dark, often humorous, even sometimes a bit sad, but always worth a daily fix. Erin is an amazing writer who can evoke all kinds of emotions from her readers. With apologies to Forrest Gump, I think this comparison holds true: “OHE is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.”

*[Ed.Note: I wonder how many times Barb has said “Oh, you poor thing” to me since that day. A sickening amount, I’m sure.]

2. The Big Angry Blow Me (a/k/a The Vehicular Imblowlio)

3. Where My Cat Is ALmost Van Gogh’d

4. What Poor People Do For Fun

5. The Zoo: Why Do I Torture Myself?

Anything that involves Chooch’s capers. Erin likes to pretend that he gets on her nerves and he’s hard to handle and she finds being a mom tough, but through all of the stories, her love for Chooch comes out one way or another. She just writes about things that all parents go through but that most of us are afraid to say out loud.

[Ed.Note: I randomly chose #3-5 because Barb couldn’t make up her mind and was whining about not wanting other posts to feel less loved.]

  3 Responses to “Blog Birthday Guest Post: Barb Opines”

  1. Oh Lord. Barb, thanks for pointing out the Big Angry Blow Me post. So very, very wrong, but should be part of The Quintessential OHE.

  2. Barb is right, you DO have talent.

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