Aug 132008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 17:54 Today I feel like god wants me to know what AIDS feels like. # ****
  • 19:58 Oh god, please don’t blow up, spleen. #
  • 20:54 Cutting out serial killer heads to soft rock balladry. A lowkey Monday night. #

  • 11:34 I will not blog about ppl in the hood. I will not blog about ppl in the hood. I will not blog about ppl in the hood. I will not blog about– #
  • 20:17 Slave labor has been implemented. #
  • 23:46 I just started up my Christmas card factory two weeks ago, and my lone employee is already staging a revolt. #

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***I really thought God was punishing me for making fun of Greg Louganis on Sunday night. Then yesterday, I woke up to an HIV commercial. But Christina, who is a servent of God, assured me that she didn’t think Greg had that much pull with the Big G-O-D. I don’t have AIDS, but probably I have mono for the fortieth time.

  4 Responses to “Low Impact Tweets”

  1. how could greg have that much pull with God—
    HE’S GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#!#!@#!@#!@!#@$@##@#$@!%#%

    glad that you believe you are AIDS-free, b/c i am sure you are.

  2. Greg has aids?

    • I think he’s HIV+. I swear I wasn’t making fun of him for that, just for the time he bashed his head on the diving board. But then Henry went on a Louganis crusade and I really thought he was going to string me up for the other diving enthusiasts to stick me with flaming BBQ skewers.

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