Nov 222011

I would have killed to have been at that game last night, but I’m just as happy to sit here all morning and watch YouTube videos from the people who were there. I missed most of the game because I work stupid evening shift (although I did get to listen to it), but I recorded it so I got to see everything that I missed and I cried approximately 87 times.

Nearly a year off from the NHL, and he comes back to rack up 4 points in 15:54 minutes of ice time, and then goes on record saying that he still “needs to work on some things”?

Yeah, he “sucks”, alright.

Andrea is coming back to visit in December, for a whole week this time. (Mostly to visit my frog FRANCIS! and to watch Lil Wayne videos.) I asked her, “Will you watch a game with me? I mean, we don’t even have to watch the whole thing.”

“Like you could ever not watch an entire hockey game,” she pointed out. And that’s true.

I’m so happy right now. I was beginning to think he was never coming back.

That was really all I wanted for Christmas, so we’re good here, Santa.

  2 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Returns; Erin Cries A lot”

  1. I didn’t cry 87 times, but I definitely teared up when he scored his 1st goal and said “Fuck Yeah!” It was so beautiful! Hope we can make Andrea a hockey fan – that would be amazing!

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