Jul 312010

Me: “That made me sweat.”

Corey: “Me, too. My forehead’s a little moist.”

It all started when Corey said, “Look at the picture in this ad!” It said “Who’s hungry?” and has three people hammily-eating a giant hoagie. I started laughing. Then Corey started laughing. But we never would laugh in tandem. It was like gang-laughter.

“STOP!” Alisha yelled from the chair in the living room.

So we did. But then, under my breath sneaked out a throaty giggle. Corey fed off it and laughed once, loudly. Then I laughed louder. Alisha was very upset at this point.

It sounded like this:

From the living room: “I hate you guys so bad right now.”

And then the laughing started ALL OVER AGAIN. Good job, Alisha Priddy.

EDIT!!! I just played this back and Alisha goes, all calmly, “Oh. I know what that reminds me of now. When I used to work at WESTERN PSYCH.”