Jul 312010

Me: “That made me sweat.”

Corey: “Me, too. My forehead’s a little moist.”

It all started when Corey said, “Look at the picture in this ad!” It said “Who’s hungry?” and has three people hammily-eating a giant hoagie. I started laughing. Then Corey started laughing. But we never would laugh in tandem. It was like gang-laughter.

“STOP!” Alisha yelled from the chair in the living room.

So we did. But then, under my breath sneaked out a throaty giggle. Corey fed off it and laughed once, loudly. Then I laughed louder. Alisha was very upset at this point.

It sounded like this:

From the living room: “I hate you guys so bad right now.”

And then the laughing started ALL OVER AGAIN. Good job, Alisha Priddy.

EDIT!!! I just played this back and Alisha goes, all calmly, “Oh. I know what that reminds me of now. When I used to work at WESTERN PSYCH.”

  13 Responses to “#26: THE LAUGHTER: a new band”

  1. That was strangely infectious. I started laughing too. And I don’t even know what I was laughing at!

  2. Very infectious!

  3. LOL, this makes me laugh until my forehead is moist. Watching it while thinking about Alisha’s Western Psych comment makes me laugh even harder.

  4. I want that as a ringer on my phone!

  5. i loved that! man i love laughing. i’ve got a laugh video on facebook when me and my best friend couldn’t stop and we were trying to order at mcDonalds. Everytime the guy asked us what we wanted we’d start cracking up again. good times.

  6. I’d slip it into a cd mix, you can’t help but smile when you listen…

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