Jan 192012

Most of you guys that read this thing know me from LiveJournal. Remember my icons? Motherfucker, do I miss them. I wish I could use them on here.

This was one I used for my fake journal about Sam, an amputated leg:

I showed Carey that one at work just now and she said there is something wrong with me, which means she’s jealous that she doesn’t have a friend like Sam, who obviously loved to loaf with rollerskates.

Some of my favorites from Henry’s fake journal:

Henry really loved his ex-Faygo boss, Ted. You know who else he loved? Some goddamn John Black:

Here are some of my favorites from my main LiveJournal. Goddamn, do I miss them.

Jumping B-Listers:

Before Jonny Craig, I had the hots for Danny Bonaduce:

This one makes no sense other than to illustrate my hatred for Angelina Jolie. (TEAM ANISTON ALWAYS):

Not only do I <3 OJ, but I also cure herpes:

Tammy Faye shout out:

This was inspired by a daydream I once had and used to make Chooch cry:

I really liked Bob Uecker:



Keeping the killers close to my heart:

If anyone knows of a way I can incorporate these into WordPress, please holla. I miss them so much and if I had a use for them, I would start making more and more and MORE AND MORE MOREMOREMORE.

(I ate a candy bar a little while ago and my brain is now spinning wildly out of control.)


  7 Responses to “LiveJournal Icon Nostalgia and Pining”

  1. It would be nice to be able to have these icons as stickers and stick them on people throughout the day.

  2. If I were high-tech enough, I’d actually paste the gif of this into my comment, but my all-time favorite icon is from the LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER sketch with chris farley swinging his arms back and forth…

  3. I’m dying over these. I have no clue what LiveJournal even is but I hope you can figure out how incorporate them some how. That Danny Bonaduce one is superb I can’t stop watching it.

    Team Anniston forever!

    • LiveJournal is a community-based blogging platform. I blogged over there for 7 years before getting my own domain on wordpress. It was nice because it was way more interactive – you could easily add friends and their posts would show up on your “friends page.” I miss it sometimes because it feels so lonely over here on this blog, and I can’t use those goddamn icons anymore! :(

      • It sounds pretty great. I bet it would kick Blog Frog’s ass for sure. I always feel great when I stop by your blog, you don’t make me feel alone.

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